About us

Together with our Yorkshires we live close to Erkelenz in a big house with a big garden.




Here the Yorkshires can play substantial.



When we have puppies they grow up lovely with all the other Yorkshires.

By the time to handover in a new home our puppies are.

They will have an EU-pet-passport with the associated vaccinations.

They are provided with a microchip- number.

And of course all of our puppies do have an recognized genealogical table of the VDH / FCI.

All of them are registered in the book of breed by the 1.DYC / VDH / FCI.


If we have sparked your interest in one of our puppies you can contact us without any obligation.


Our puppies will not be given to dealers or the same.

Of course we will take the dogs from our breed to take care of them for the time when you are on vacations.


Please contact us if you have any questions.